Alaska Startup Week - Statewide Networking & Innovation Events for Economic Diversification

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Alaska Startup Week July 23 - 31:
Start up your innovation!

Calling the Fairbanks Innovation Community! Alaska Startup Week (formerly E-Week) is approaching fast, and we need your help getting businesses and communities engaged in the process.

Alaska Startup Week is about raising aspirations and identifying opportunities for Alaskan entrepreneurs. We do this by organizing and promoting hosted events during Alaska Startup Week that:

  • Showcase opportunities for entrepreneurs in Alaska

  • Encourage Alaskans to launch their entrepreneurial ventures

  • Demonstrate why Alaska is a great place for entrepreneurs

Startup Week is more about starting up innovation than starting up a business. And, we want to engage as many innovators across as many levels of entrepreneurship as possible to help seed and diversify Alaska’s economic base.

So, what does this all mean for you?
We are looking for organizations to plan and host events that relate to Alaska Startup Week.  Specifically, we are asking you to:

Event planners and hosts can begin submitting ideas to is external) June 1.
Please consider:

  • Organizing a local meet-up, tour or or support another scheduled event. This does not have to be a heavy lift! The goal is to get people together and talking about innovation across all of Alaska, not just the big cities.

  • Support other Startup Week events by highlighting them at your Golden Days booth. (Ask us for flyers!)

  • Brainstorming something creative! We are open to considering so many different ideas as part of Startup Week. The goal is inclusivity and open discussion.

Our goal is to have 30 events hosted statewide for the first year: Fairbanks currently has - 3 we are looking for 2-3 more!
People will have support from the Alaska Startup Week organizing team when submitting their events for consideration and development. No idea needs to be perfect from the get-go. We simply need to start the conversation. Ultimately, the purpose of Alaska Startup Week is to have fun, connect, and celebrate in the process.

Already have an event planned for Alaska Startup Week? Or, maybe just an awesome event that fits the theme? Have them send it to our website coordinator Ky Holland at sends e-mail), or Juliet Shepherd at sends e-mail).

Not sure where to begin? Encourage organizations with event ideas that need development to post them to the Startup Week website.

Thanks for encouraging your local innovators to get online and get involved!

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