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Juliet Shepherd, a seasoned supply chain professional and communications and resource consultant, has facilitated collaborations and trainings in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State in former Soviet satellite states, and in remote industrial production environments & governmental agencies in Alaska. She has served in various capacities on committees and boards in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, including Pogo Mine’s joint employee/management Health & Safety Committee. Hailing originally from Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, she holds a degree in Integral Intermedia from Mills College in Oakland, California. She came to Fairbanks following the conclusion of a Fulbright Fellowship in Eastern Europe in 2003, worked extensively in the mining industry in Alaska’s Interior, and has completed post-bac business studies at UAF. 

Juliet has a passion for propagating win/win outcomes, and fostering economic diversity. She is a founding member of an entrepreneur think tank promoting socially responsible business development in Alaska, which launched FairBikes bike share - winners of the first Startup Weekend Fairbanks in 2013; and in 2016, founded and launched the Innovate Alaska (2.0) effort and the Year of Innovation "pipeline" to diversify Alaska's economic base.


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