Climate: The best weather in Alaska

Fairbanks' weather is continental interior, which means lots of sun and very definite seasons. Well-publicized winter extremes of -40 are balanced by summer days in the 70’s and 80’s, making Fairbanks a place with the world’s widest temperature range. There is very little wind in Fairbanks, particularly during cold winter days, which makes the chill much less intimidating. Autumn comes in September with a rush of color, as tamarack, aspen and birch turn the surrounding hills bright yellow. Spring comes in April with an equal rush of melting snow, followed closely by May’s budding trees. To view temperature and precipitation charts, you can visit the Alaska Climate and Research Center.

Gardening in Fairbanks

Long summer days (around 20 hours of sun at the solstice) provide energy for gardens and gardeners alike. Planting commences in May, with harvesting concluded by late August or early September. With longer days, fertile soil, and an abundance of water, Fairbanks is a prime place for agriculture. Flowers, berries, vegetables and spices all will enjoy the growing atmosphere of Fairbanks. Click here for more information about the Interior's agriculture.