Fairbanks Facts

Average Income

Three-Year-Average Median Household Income by State: 2009-2013

State Income To average
Alaska 71,583 0.26%
Maryland 73,971 0.93%
US (average) 53,657 0.38%
California 61,933 2.70%
Connectictu 70,048 1.20%
North Carolina 71,648 7.83%

Source: Numbers based on 2014 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cost Profile

Prices for food, clothing and other basic necessities in Fairbanks and Alaska overall tend to be higher than average in the US. But this does not tell us, how much money an average person keeps. Thus we calculated an index that would show savings. The higher the index, the more money you keep:

Alaska 98%*
Texas 96%
California 96%
Florida 84%
Montana 78%
Massacheusets 87%

* The index for each state tends to be below 100%. It means that on the average people tend to spend more than they earn and live in credit everywhere in the US.

The source: calculations of FEDC based on index of cost of living, developed by ACCRA http://www.accra.org/, and income statistics, offered by US Census http://www.census.gov/

Fairbankas Profile

An average person in Fairbanks is:

  • 28 years old
  • a male (53% of population)
  • makes $ 4,650 a month
  • has some college education
  • married and has 2 children
  • has 2 cars
  • the average home costs $208,900 and the average rent is $1.104

Information is summarized by FEDC using the data from Fairbanks Quarterly Community Research, winter 2015, and US census data.