Alaska Railroad Corporation

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The Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC)

In operation since 1923, the Alaska Railroad Corporation is a full-service freight and passenger railroad linking ports and communities to major metropolitan centers such as Anchorage, Fairbanks and other communities throughout Southcentral and Interior Alaska.

Primarily, the Alaska Railroad conducts business as a regularly scheduled public transportation service in these regions. The routes span across miles of remote and wild landscapes which feature bountiful scenery and spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities for our more than 500,000 annual guests.

The friendly hospitality, born of Alaska’s frontier spirit lives on at the Alaska Railroad. The Alaska Railroad is now one of Alaska’s most popular attractions, and is arguably, the best way to see Alaska.

The ARRC is unlike any other State of Alaska agency. It is owned by the state, but is incorporated and run like a private business. The ARRC receives no operating funds from the state, nor are its employees state employees. Rather, the corporation and ARRC employees generate revenue through freight, passenger and real estate services to cover personnel, operations and maintenance expenses.

The ARRC generates revenue through real estate holdings, year-round passenger service and freight train service from Seward to Fairbanks-North Pole.

Owned by the State of Alaska since 1985, the Railroad is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors appointed by the Governor of Alaska.