Community Economy

Vision for the Future Preparing for the Next Boom

Vision Statement

The Fairbanks North Star Borough will be a thriving, diverse community with a high quality of life and be dedicated to moving Fairbanks forward in a global economy by identifying key opportunities for research, education, technology, industry, healthcare, transportation, and workforce development and by communicating those opportunities to policy makers and investors.

Identifiable benchmarks

The vision of the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s community economy will be realized by:

  • Creating a web-based inventory of our economy
  • Mapping our natural resources and understanding the implications of that inventory
  • Identifying key opportunities to develop a value added manufacturing base for our natural resources, and promoting those opportunities to increase our local hire
  • Finding local opportunities for entrepreneurs to substitute their products for goods that are currently imported in an effort to lower costs to local consumers
  • Taking advantage of our climate in order to attract more cold weather testing
  • Identifying a community vision that builds housing capacity in a manner best suited to avoid the boom-bust cycles of the past