When it comes to Energy, it starts with understanding two simple truths: 

  • Energy is a necessary component of an Economy – a fundamental underpinning of any and every modern Economy.
  • The availability and affordability of Energy impacts, for better or worse, all other aspects of an Economy – either greasing the wheels of progress and fueling the engines of economic growth, or draining the well of financial capital and sapping economic vitality.

At the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation, we recognize these truths and how our Community’s over-reliance on high priced oil (particularly for space heating and electrical generation) is having an increasingly constrictive effect our local economy and a crushing impact on the finances our homes and businesses.  

For these reasons, FEDC expends enormous effort analyzing options to both stabilize and reduce our individual and community cost of energy, and works tirelessly advocating for and seeking to advance our community’s most promising renewable, alternative and conventional energy solutions.  


On the renewable energy front, FEDC was instrumental in helping Superior Pellet Fuels (Alaska’s only fully operational, commercial scale wood pellet productions facility) establish itself in within the Fairbanks North Star Borough.  Utilizing locally harvested raw materials and local labor, Superior Pellet Fuels’ 10,000 square foot facility in North Pole, AK is turning wood waste into an affordable,  renewable energy product – and laying the ground work for Interior Alaska’s future biomass-to-energy industry today.

FEDC’s most recent conventional energy work has involved project management and process facilitation for the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s Gas Distribution System Analysis.  Starting with the dual project goals of 1) moving affordable energy to as many of our community’s homes and businesses as possible, as quickly as possible and 2) helping to bring the community into EPA Clean Air Attainment, this project is the first step in transitioning our community’s energy economy from one bogged down with reliance on expensive oil, to one going and growing on lower-cost, cleaner-burning natural gas.  


Energy is a fundamental underpinning of a modern Economy and will either a) drain the well of financial capital and sap economic vitality or b) grease the wheels of progress and fuel the engines of economic growth.    At FEDC we recognize these truths and will continue into the future, as we have in the past, to identify and define energy challenges Our Community faces, and seeking, finding and pursing the Solutions that will help us overcome them.