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Every buying decision you make matters to our community. Check out our video that explains it best.

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The following three video clips are from presentations given by Kimber Lanning. We hope you find the information useful and relevant to enhancing our community of Fairbanks!

Vacant Spaces to Happening Places

How to Leverage your Localness

Procurement Matters


The Fairbanks First 2014 membership drive is in full swing. If you need to renew your membership to your friendly neighborhood Think Local program you can click here. Just, scroll down to the bottom of the page, select whether you're an individual or business and then renew at your memebrship level. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail buylocal@investfairbanks.com or call 907-452-2185. 

The Fairbanks First 2013 Member Directory is now available. Click on the cover to view an electronic version or stop by one of our booths this summer and grab a good old fashioned paper copy. 




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