If you are looking for really helpful, small-town, rural-centric ideas to make your community even better, be sure you follow Becky McCray and Deb Brown of

Click the image below for Becky McCray's 101 ways to grow small but meaningful businesses in your town. Ideas have been collected from all over the country from communities like Fairbanks. 

"Shop Local Campaigns for Small Towns" by Becky McCray is a playbook for building a thriving community where everyone is included in the process by simply taking small steps. 

The study, "Amazon's Stranglehold: How the Company's Tightening Grip Is Stifling Competition, Eroding Jobs, and Threatening Communities," was authored by Olivia LaVecchia and Stacy Mitchell in November 2016. The study seeks to unmask the enormity and subtlety of Amazon's influence on the marketplace which becomes more and more of a ruthless monopoly each year. 


The Knigh Foundation's three-year study, "Soul of the Community," answers the question: What makes people feel rooted to their place? This is an important question, because the more people who feel connected to their community, the more that community will prosper economically. 

The overall findings were people feel a higher emotional attachement to their city or town when the following needs are met: 

1. Perception of safety

2. Social offerings

3. Community leadership

4. Openness

5. Basic services

6. Aesthetics