Pogo Gold Mine

Pogo Gold Mine

Pogo Gold mine is located approximately 85 miles southeast of Fairbanks. 

The Pogo deposit is mined using the conventional underground mining techniques of cut and fill and drift and fill. Exploration at the Pogo Mine began in 1990, and gold deposits were discovered in 1994. After verification of the gold quantity and environmental permiting, mine construction commenced and production began in 2006. 

The Pogo Gold Mine procures materials and equipment from some 256 suppliers in Alaska, accounting for 44% (approximately US$95 million) of payments.

Pogo Gold Mine strives to hire people locally and 67% of the approx. 300 employees are Alaska residents. Pogo paid $57 million in wages and benefits in 2016.

Operations at Pogo Gold Mine produced 8.8 tons of gold due to a decline in the ore grade in FY15. FY2016 production at Pogo Gold Mine was scheduled for 9 tons. Pogo is seeking to raise their annual gold production interest to 30 tons, principally through greenfield exploration and new mine development.