~We currently have no internship positions available. Please check back later.~

Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation believes that the key driving economic force of any community is people. Young people choosing Alaska as a state to study and build their career should have opportunities to fully actualize their potential. An internship with FEDC will help them in this effort.

If you are interested in applying for an internship with FEDC, contact us.

Olga representing FEDC at Automotive Trade Show in Detroit

"I have been in the FEDC internship program for two years. I believe this was the best opportunity for me to realize my potential in marketing and public relationships I ever had. This is not just an internship. It feels like a full time job with full time responsibilities. FEDC 's team provided me with guidance and support but at the same time gave me a chance to make independent decisions and lead exciting projects. If you are looking for self-realization in your professional life in the marketing or management fields, FEDC is one of the best options you can have in Alaska."

Olga Rudenko, Marketing Intern in 2004-2006


"My internship for Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation could not be any more amazing. Each day brings new opportunities, helping to develop my understanding of the business world and Interior Alaskan communities. FEDC offers an independent work environment, which builds my confidence and allows me to gain actual, firsthand experience in the economic development field as a whole. I work to develop and maintain a variety of my own projects, while supporting coworkers with their projects as well. What I enjoy the most about my internship is the ability FEDC has given me to gain knowledge about and positively influence my community. If you are a determined and hard working individual who desires a challenging, fast paced and community based work environment, FEDC is the place for you!"

Cassie Pinkel, Project Coordination Intern in 2006