Fairbanks North Star Borough's Community Research Quarterly

The Fairbanks North Star Borough's Community Research Quarterly (CRQ) presents current socio-economic data that covers economic indicators, population and social conditions, employment, housing, and cost of living factors, as well as U.S. Census updates.

The Quarterly provides a comparison for use within our community and State for investors, grant writers, planning, decision making, policy formation, market analysis and economic development efforts.

F-35 has arrived at Eielson with Norwegian test pilot

A News Miner article by Sam Friedman,

FAIRBANKS - An F-35 fighter jet arrived at Eielson Air Force Base Thursday on an equipment testing mission, according to a news release from the Air Force. It's the first F-35 to land at Eielson.

The F-35A Lightning II is here to test two types of equipment: the airplane's ability to land on icy runways and a drag-chute modification of the plane that's been requested by the Royal Norwegian Air Force, an F-35 program partner.

Sullivan Pleased with Additional Missile Defense Funding; “Must Do More”

U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today commented on the Department of Defense’s recent reprogramming action of approximately $400 million for U.S. missile defense systems.

This action includes $128 million to jumpstart the expansion of Fort Greely – $81 million of which will begin to increase the number of interceptors from 44 to 64, and $47 million of which will start the purchase of 10 of the additional 20 underground silos for the new interceptors.

Startup Week 2017: Innovation is Alaska’s New Pipeline

By: Ky Holland and Juliet Shepherd
Post date: Fri, 07/28/2017 - 1:17pm

A generation ago, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System was completed after a decade of development to move the non-renewable natural resource to market, creating initial construction jobs, longer term legacy jobs, and new support industries.

The value of mentors

News Miner Community Perspective

About six years ago, I sat down with my mentor and excitedly told him about some accolade I had recently received. He cheered and clapped overenthusiastically before he turned serious and said, “You need to get sober.” But he wasn’t talking about sobriety from drugs or alcohol. He pointed out that I was an approval addict and my desire to please others was costing me more than I realized.

‘Golden Heart Grown’ showcases Interior Alaska agriculture

News Miner Article

FAIRBANKS — The Interior Alaska Food Network has introduced a new brand and logo this summer — Golden Heart Grown — to show consumers what is grown in the Interior.

In addition, the Fairbanks Economic Development Corp., which is helping roll out the Golden Heart Grown brand, has released its Interior Grown agriculture directory.

Solving your zucchini problems

News Miner  Community Perspective

Last summer, I was perusing one of Fairbanks’ many antique shops. With a handful of eclectic treasures, I approached the checkout counter. The cash register was malfunctioning, which meant the cashier and I had to prolong our pleasantries beyond the usual, “Did you find everything okay?” and “Warm today, isn’t it?”

“Did you lock your car?” the woman asked, punching buttons on the register.