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At the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation (FEDC), our mission is to assist in creating new jobs and new economic opportunities for the residents of the Fairbanks North Star Borough. We partner with local, statewide and national businesses, the University of Alaska, and local, state and federal government agencies to create economic development opportunities.  We at FEDC have worked diligently to create new economic opportunities throughout the Fairbanks North Star Borough by supporting job creation in our community, encouraging more sales for local business, finding new business opportunities, creating new industries, finding ways to provide more disposable income for wage earners and business owners and finding ways to reduce the cost of living (for example, working to lower the cost of energy).

A strong, sustainable economy utilizing Alaska’s resources, intellectual and natural, to provide value-added products and the services that favorably compete in a global marketplace is our goal.  To that end, we focus our efforts on these project areas including:

  • Energy (Reduce Fairbanks’ cost of space heating by 50%)
  • Technology-Led Development (Creating industry from research and innovation)
  • Cold Weather Testing (Attract manufacturers to Fairbanks for product testing)
  • Rural Outreach and Regional Hub (A program promoting Fairbanks businesses to the rural market)
  • Military (Market Fairbanks’s strategic and training area advantages to the Military Industrial Complex)
  • Interior Issues Council (Provide a format for addressing issues of interest to Interior Alaska; a think tank for our community)
  • Mining (Support the development of Alaska’s mineral resources )
  • Forestry (Developing value added products from local resources)
  • Economic Modeling (Create an economic model of the Fairbanks economy, providing a clear understanding of our economy and a reliable tool for effective strategic planning)
  • Fairbanks Focus: Alaska View (A television program bringing Fairbanks issues to the forefront of the community)
  • Agriculture (Facilitating the development of the Agriculture industry in the FNSB)
  • Fairbanks First:  Think Local (A 10% shift in household expenditures to buying from local businesses will bring an additional $376 million to the Fairbanks economy and assist in the creation of 1776 jobs)

To move our community’s economy forward, growing and creating new jobs and new industries we need your help.

If you are an FEDC Investor, please renew. If you are considering investing, now is the time, sign-up!

We are working on many economic opportunities, but FEDC cannot and will not succeed alone; we need state government, we need local government and most of all we need YOU to become part of our TEAM and believe in a sustainable economic future for Alaska and for Alaskans. 

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