Community Economy

Vision for the Future Preparing for the Next Boom

Vision Statement

The Fairbanks North Star Borough will be a thriving, diverse community with a high quality of life and be dedicated to moving Fairbanks forward in a global economy by identifying key opportunities for research, education, technology, industry, healthcare, transportation, and workforce development and by communicating those opportunities to policy makers and investors.

Identifiable benchmarks

Climate Change


The Interior Issues Council Climate Change Task Force is a group of citizens and public employees collaborating to establish and build a sustainable climate resilient community through education, public outreach, and borough-wide actions.

Resource Development

Originally Alaska was considered the largest nugget of the United States supplying the country with natural resources. Today, Fairbanks is moving to a more diverse economy, but it is crucial to keep the competitive advantage that will be associated with Interior Alaska in developing Alaska’s rich natural resources. There is a significant likelihood of the North Slope gas line coming through Fairbanks. If we can take advantage of  the opportunities that will be generated by our strategic location, Fairbanks can enjoy a successful and sustainable economic future.

Invest in Fairbanks

Interior Alaska is full of innovative people doing extraordinary things. The FEDC wants to connect innovation to people and capital that can make it work for the entire community.  is a clearing house for researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators and outside the box thinkers to display their ideas to potential investors inside the community. A quarterly newsletter will be sent to any interested party.


Fairbanks Community Meets to Discuss Education Issues

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Approximately 175 individuals from the Fairbanks community braved extreme cold temperatures to attend a community conversation on education. The catalyst for the forum was the Interior Issues Council-Task Force on Education, launched in May of 2006, to look at issues that affect the Fairbanks community and find ways to address them.

Health Care

“The Fairbanks health care system is made up of a well funded, broadly based team of health care providers, in sufficient number and type to enable all of the acute and chronic care needs of the population to be met in a timely, effective and efficient manner. The Fairbanks health care team is composed of all individuals, organizations and government entities with a self-declared interest in promoting the physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing of our population.” – Brian Slocum

Fairbanks Focus: Alaska View

Fairbanks Focus: Alaska View engages Interior Alaska's best thinkers, politicians, researchers, community leaders and other newsmakers in one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions. Fairbanks Focus airs every Sunday on KTVF channel 11. Episodes are also archived on this site and listed to the left under the Fairbanks Focus tab. 

If you are interested in learning more about Fairbanks Focus: Alaska View, or have a show idea please contact FEDC.

Knowledge Industry Network


The knowledge Industry Network (KIN) offers opportunities for young professionals, entrepreneurs, established leaders and seasoned community members to mingle in an atmosphere of open dialogue and spirited networking. On the last Thursday of every month, from September to May, KIN meets to hear presentations about topics important to Interior Alaska and its residents.